Mission Manager to Present Virtual “Lost Person” Exercise at SAREX 2015 – California’s Premier Search-and-Rescue Training Event in the High Sierras; Live Demos Also Showcased at Company’s Booth

Mission Manager experts will demonstrate how its cloud-based incident command software can help first responders locate lost-and-missing persons during a virtual training exercise at SAREX 2015 – California’s premier Search-and-Rescue (SAR) training event sponsored by the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, or Cal OES, and Amador County Sheriff’s Department. Mission Manager will also provide hands-on demos at its booth during the event, which runs Sept. 11-13 at the Plasse’s Resort at Silver Lake, located in the High Sierras.

The desktop exercise is scheduled Saturday, Sept. 12, from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. in Tent 6 at the remote resort.  It will simulate a mock lost person incident along the Carson River Emigrant Trail, a historic site that was used by Mormon pioneers beginning in 1848. The class will be facilitated by Eric Hanigan and Chris Stevens, Mission Manager technical experts who are also SAR first responders.

The scenario will tap into Mission Manager’s robust mapping and communications tools to locate the person who went missing along the trail. Participants can follow clues, such as footprints, to track the person to his campfire.  To see an overview of the topics to be covered, download the PDF presentation.

Based on Preparation, Readiness and Execution, Mission Manager uniquely provides an operational environment for daily team management and also serves as an online command center. In the field, Mission Manager provides a common operational picture for members in multiple locations using multiple devices.  After the incident, administrators can produce instant reports with analytics needed for legal compliance, debriefs and reimbursements.

To learn more about Mission Manager, see our 3-minute narrated video. Or visit our YouTube Channel to see our full line of videos, including instructional training videos.

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“How an Incident Management Tool can Help Control the Chaos – Even Before it Begins” (Read Advertorial, POLICE Magazine)

With roots supporting law enforcement teams, Mission Manager is pleased to feature its world-class incident management software in the June issue of POLICE magazine (view electronic edition, page 47.) In our full-page advertorial, we describe how our cloud-based incident management tool can help fill capability gaps and ensure a unified force necessary to save lives and property.

Click here to download a PDF of the article or read below.

How an Incident Management Tool can Help Control the Chaos – Even Before it Begins

During these challenging times for law enforcement, the need for a robust incident management system has never been greater. First responders have had their hands full in recent months – especially as violent anti-police demonstrations raged across the country, and deadly tornadoes and floods ripped through the Plains, Midwest and Texas.Mission Manager Police User

If a major catastrophe struck your community, would your agency be prepared? How long would it take to deploy your teams? Can you efficiently coordinate and manage hundreds of officers and volunteers on-scene? How long would it take to produce a report?

Without an automated process in place, these tasks can overwhelm any agency. Whether your agency is confronted with a major uprising, severe weather event, or terrorism at an event or campus, a robust incident management tool like Mission Manager can assist your police force – long before the chaos begins.

Cloud-based Mission Manager, which is based on the core principles of Preparation, Readiness and Execution, ensures that first responders are prepared to deal with incidents before they occur. This will help your agency become more proactive vs. reactive.

Mission Manager will ensure a unified command, enabling incident commanders to obtain, share and manage critical information. It all begins with team readiness and preparation, which lays the foundation for a strong infrastructure needed to save lives.

Mission Manager uniquely provides an operational environment for daily team management and serves as an online command center. In the field, Mission Manager provides a common operational picture on multiple devices in multiple locations. After the incident, users can produce instant reports for legal compliance, debriefs and government reimbursements.

It all boils down to information sharing, and information is power. Here’s how it works:

PREPARATION begins with the personnel roster, where members can manage their own contact information such as medical information, issued gear, training, certifications and expirations. Administrators can also track and manage their team’s equipment and maintenance schedules. Because this data is readily available, incident managers can quickly deploy the right people at the right time.

READINESS is achieved with the day-to-day management of documents and forms, timekeeping, scheduling and tasks. Permission levels control who can see and edit the data.

EXECUTION is initiated with simple drag-and-drop team-building. Incident commanders can easily create missions with pre-set or customized checklists. They can quickly callout members via SMS text, email or voice (or all three simutaneously).

  • Situational Awareness:  Mission Manager enhances situational awareness in the field with real-time communications and tracking, along with robust maps featuring 100+ mapping layers.
  • Automated Reporting: Mission Manager’s robust database provides a second-by-second record of every event. This data can be easily exported as ICS/NIMS-compliant reports.Through automation, Mission Manager reduces unnecessary paperwork and bottlenecks with a click of a button.

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Developed by a first responder with first-hand knowledge, Mission Manager’s cloud-based incident management software has supported approximately 6,000 missions since 2011 in all 50 states and 20 countries. Missions have ranged from large-scale natural disasters and single-person rescues to training and planned events. Key benefits include:

As a “one-stop shop” integrated system, Mission Manager streamlines the workflow and consolidates functions such as scheduling, timekeeping, callouts, real-time tracking and reporting.

Mission Manager is intuitive, easy to use and highly customizable.

Mission Manager provides a user-defined Common Operational Picture that can be shared with agencies that are providing mutual aid.

Mission Manager can easily scale to thousands of users as needed, including spontaneous volunteers.

Mission Manager features 100+ mapping overlays that include topography, weather, natural hazards, locations of hospitals, fire and police departments, as well as social media feeds at points of interest.

Mission Manager operates securely in the cloud on laptops, smartphones and tablets. It can also be used offline and syncs the data when web connection is restored.

For more information, email us at or call 877-257-8230.



Mission Manager Showcased at Florida Police Chiefs FPCA Mid-Winter Conference

Mission Manager, Inc. successfully rolled out its cloud-based incident management tool at the Florida Police Chiefs Association’s 2015 Mid-Winter Training Conference & Exposition,  Jan. 11-12, in Tampa, Fla. Mission Manager representatives conducted live demos at the company’s booth, demonstrating firsthand how Mission Manager can help police agencies improve efficiency and effectiveness of their day-to-day operations and live missions – securely in the “cloud.”

The Florida Police Chiefs Association (FPCA), which comprises more than 770 of the state’s top law enforcement executives, is the fourth largest state police chiefs association in the United States. FPCA serves municipal police departments, airport police, college and university police, private business and security firms, as well as federal, state and county law enforcement agencies. Through its training programs and conferences, the FPCA ensures the highest degree of preparedness and responsiveness among the state’s many agencies and officers.

Capture2Mission Manager – a robust software tool based on preparation, readiness and execution – provides a turnkey solution for team and asset management, real-time situational awareness and automated reporting functions. Highly secure and customizable, Mission Manager ensures a common operational picture across multiple platforms, complete with comprehensive mapping layers, and also streamlines the process of managing callouts and producing reports.

Re-launched on July 15, 2014 with significantly enhanced security and infrastructure, Mission Manager has supported approximately 5,000 missions in all 50 U.S. states and 20 nations since 2011. In addition to law enforcement agencies, users include search-and-rescue organizations, fire departments, and emergency operation centers. Missions have ranged from single-person rescues to public events and large-scale natural disasters.

In the law enforcement community, agencies around the U.S. have relied on Mission Manager for daily team and equipment management, real-time communications, situational awareness and reporting.

In Southern California, Mission Manager has been a valuable tool for law enforcement search-and-rescue operations since 2011. It has enabled incident commanders to capture all components of an incident under one umbrella, providing a comprehensive way to coordinate, track and deploy their teams – and afterward, provide documentation with a click of a mouse.

One incident commander noted that Mission Manager is “easy to use, all-inclusive and integrated. The data entered into the tabs cross-pollinates the forms, which makes the reporting process much easier for us. I also like the mapping layers, which draw from multiple sources, including Google maps, Twitter feeds and government sources. We use both the maps and messaging features on a regular basis.”

In the Northeast, Mission Manager has helped SWAT teams manage their daily team operations and live missions, including security for public events.  During a large-scale public marathon that required heightened security, a SWAT team’s administrator relied on Mission Manager to gather the documentation needed to manage members’ assignments, provide real-time communications and track personnel during the event.

“Mission Manager saved us hours of briefing time and multiple sessions of Q & A, and also helped us track our team members’ activities and whereabouts,” according to the administrator, who today uses Mission Manager on a daily basis. “It has helped us cut out the middle man and become more efficient and effective.  I particularly like the feature where you can send out a mass email or a text message to the whole team.”

When used as a daily tool, Mission Manager allows incident commanders to manage everything from attendance records, training, and missions to issued weapons and equipment. It also automates the reporting process, including tracking member’s hours and producing inventory reports, in order to fulfill requirements for standard reports and government reimbursements.

During a crisis or planned event, Mission Manager allows administrators to track all phases of the event in real time, including team locations, event/radio logs and assignment status. Every activity is automatically logged and recorded, providing a second-by-second record of every mission and event.

Mission Manager Representatives Address California State Sheriffs and SAR Coordinators at SSARCC

Mission Manager representatives made a presentation for California State Sheriffs and SAR Coordinators at the quarterly SSARCC meeting in Sacramento County, Calif., on Tuesday, Oct. 21, as part of its grassroots efforts to educate first responders about the re-launch of its cloud-based incident management tool.

Sponsored by Cal OES Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, SSARCC meetings keep the state’s Sheriff’s Search and Rescue coordinators abreast of current issues and SAR operations throughout the state. The meeting was hosted by State SAR Coordinator Matt Scharper, Deputy Chief with the Cal OES Law Enforcement Branch.

Approximately 40 of the 58 California counties were represented at the meeting, held at Cal OES’ headquarters at Mather, Calif.  Representing Mission Manager were Olaf Walter, Chief Operating Officer, and Eric Hanigan, Technical Support Lead, who has over 20 years’ experience as a first responder.

Mission Manager was one of the two vendors invited to participate, along with Kawasaki. The event attracted over a dozen speakers, who provided mission reviews, state SAR reports, as well as updates on the Disaster Service Worker Program, SAR Medical and SAR Dog Programs, California Mutual Aid SAR Guidelines, California National Guard SAR support efforts – including an introduction to new and advanced technologies.

“We were honored to participate in this forum and have the opportunity to demo Mission Manager’s capabilities to a very targeted audience – a group of highly skilled first responders who are dedicated to saving lives,” said Walter. “The meeting was an excellent opportunity to talk about recent upgrades we’ve made to Mission Manager, and also explain how our tiered pricing structure works.”

Re-launched as a subscription-based model in July this year, Mission Manager has assisted in approximately 5,000 missions in all 50 states and 20 countries over the past three years. In preparation for the re-launch, the software was moved to new servers at Amazon Web Services (AWS). This service ensures high availability and dependability in compliance with security best practices. AWS also provides continuous database backups that enable point-in-time recovery of data, with an uptime guarantee of 99.9%.

“Having a stronger infrastructure gives our users more peace of mind,” said Walter. “Reliability and security is particularly important in the law enforcement field, because if the system goes down, evidence logs could get lost.”

Mission Manager’s tiered pricing model serves both smaller SAR organizations as well as national agencies with very specific needs. A customer’s price is based on the number of active members within an organization, their data storage needs and the number of missions that they run.

Under the subscription-based model, Mission Manager is priced at $25 per member/per year. Since a large percentage of Mission Manager’s users are SAR agencies with limited funds, the company has established First Responder Grants that cover up to 50% of the annual license fee to qualifying non-profit, volunteer community-based organizations.

Mission Manager is available for a 30-day free trial to new users via its website at