Mission Manager at a Glimpse

When a disaster occurs, you need the right people and equipment in place to effectively execute your mission. Mission Manager ensures first responders remain crisis-ready with current data so they can make the right decisions, quickly and efficiently, when faced with an emergency. Cloud-based, user-friendly and affordable, Mission Manager is built on three core principles: PREPARATION. READINESS. EXECUTION.

Mission Manager allows emergency managers to effectively manage their daily team operations as well as their missions. It reduces unnecessary paperwork, streamlines emergency response efforts and enhances situational awareness with a click of a mouse. Arm your team with this leading emergency management software solution to help save lives and protect property — whenever, wherever a disaster strikes.

  • Team and equipment management
  • Track all your personnel contact information, including training, certifications and expirations, and medical information
  • Organize events, request RSVPs and sign up for events with your team calendar
  • Print standard ICS forms, such as team assignments, mission status, logs and more.
  • Maintain records for your gear, equipment and vehicles
  • Upload your team’s documents; control who can see and edit them
  • Generate personnel timekeeping and detailed mission time reports


  • Track your deployed personnel in real time on maps
  • Create, assign and track team member tasks
  • Collect personnel responding status for missions
  • Track field info or “clues” and locate them on your mission maps automatically
  • Drag-and-drop your personnel in standard ICS positions or on team assignments
  • Send your team real-time messages via emails, SMS and voice calls — or all three


  • No dedicated hardware: Nothing to install because Mission Manager runs in the cloud
  • Runs on all major web browsers
  • Operates on laptops, desktop PCs, smartphones or tablets
  • Continuous database backups with uptime guarantee of 99.9%
  • Highly secure database ensures your data is safe and confidential
  • Full-service product support
  • Comprehensive training: Video tutorials, phone, emails & onsite


  • Developed by a first responder with field-proven insights, Mission Manager has supported approximately 5,000 missions over the past three years, including:
  • Missing Persons
  • Natural Diasters
  • Aircraft Accidents
  • Investigations
  • Searches / Rescues
  • Recoveries / Evacuations
  • Parades / Marathons
  • Training Events


To sign up for a 30-day free trial, simply log into our website or go directly to https://www.missionmanager.net.

For more information, please call (619) 457-6119 or email us at sales@missionmanager.com

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