Lealman Fire TruckThe Lealman Fire District provides fire and EMS services to Pinellas County, Florida,responding to over 11,000 incidents annually. They have responded to multiple statewide emergencies, including Hurricanes Charlie, Ivan, and Jeanne in 2004, and Hurricane Katrina in 2005, as part of the Florida Task Force of the National Emergency Management Assistance Compact in Mississippi.

As part of their services, the Lealman Fire District organizes a large group of Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs). imagesThe CERT program, which is run through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), trains volunteers in a variety of disaster preparedness skills. These trained individuals can join local CERT programs that support emergency first responders during disasters. CERT individuals organized through the Lealman Fire District are trained to help with search and rescue, emergency medical services and shelter, fire safety, incident communication services, and manning volunteer reception centers. Lealman coordinates their CERT program with the larger Tampa Bay-Urban Area Security Initiative (TB-UASI) Citizen Corps Working Group, which represents CERT programs across eight counties in Florida.

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