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Safe Summer Fun: Tips for Safe Boating

With the temperatures beginning to heat up, many families are taking to the water to enjoy some good old-fashioned summer fun from the comfort of their recreational boats. But, nothing can ruin a summer boat outing faster than being unprepared for an injury or emergency on the water. Whether you’re in a sailboat, motor boat, […]

How to Shelter-in-Place Safely During Emergencies

Most of us have been conditioned to prepare for natural disasters including hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and floods, but we may not be as prepared when it comes to other types of emergencies. Our society today faces new and specific threats that require an equally specific form of preparation. U.S. law enforcement officials make every effort […]

5 Tips for Promoting Civilian Volunteer Safety During Search and Rescue Missions

Civilian volunteers who participate in search and rescue missions are extremely valuable assets to the community. In addition to reducing the demands on state and local police departments to man such operations, these individuals generously volunteer their time and efforts to help fellow citizens in need. However, search and rescue missions are not without their […]

CASE STUDY: Lealman Fire District and Tampa Bay-Urban Area Security Initiative (TB-UASI) Citizen Corps Working Group Employ Streamlined CERT Program Coordination Across Eight Counties Using Single Mission Manager Team Account

We are pleased to share our latest case study featuring Lealman Fire District and Tampa Bay-Urban Area Security Initiative (TB-UASI) Citizen Corps Working Group. The eight-county team utilizes a single Mission Manager account to streamline coordination of CERT programs for trainings and incident responses. BACKGROUND The Lealman Fire District provides fire and EMS services to […]

Tips for Applying for Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) Grants

Following the 2015 San Bernardino attack and the 2015 Orlando nightclub shooting, the issue of preventing and responding to threats of terrorism has become even more urgent for many urban law enforcement and emergency response officials. While large city managers have always had to consider the horrific possibility of a terrorist attack, these recent incidents […]