Mission Manager Demonstrates the Power of its Incident Command Software to SWAT Teams at the TaCops West Tactical Training Conference and Exposition

Mission Manager is pleased to showcase its incident management software at TaCops West – the largest and most prestigious SWAT conference and expo in the Western U.S. –  which runs May 18-20 in Las Vegas, Nev.

TaCops West is sponsored by the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA), Arizona Tactical Officers Association (ATOA), Utah Tactical Officers Association (UTOA), the Washington State Tactical Officers Association (WSTOA),  the California Association of Tactical Officers (CATO), and local Nevada SWAT teams.Capture

The conference includes more than 40 elite training tracks as well as a trade show exposition with approximately 100 vendors showcasing their latest technologies and products.

At booth #111, Mission Manager’s staff will demonstrate how its incident management software can significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of an agency’s daily operations and tactical deployments, ranging from active shooters and high-risk warrant service to large-scale public events and training exercises.

As an all-encompassing, automated solution for daily team management and mission execution, cloud-based Mission Manager helps speed response times and ensures a Unified Command structure. With a click of a button, administrators can quickly deploy members based on qualifications, track personnel and events in real time on robust maps, and produce accurate ICS reports.


It all begins with team readiness and preparation, which lays the foundation for a strong infrastructure needed to save lives. Mission Manager uniquely provides an operational environment for daily team management and serves as an online command center. In the field, Mission Manager provides a common operational picture on multiple devices in multiple locations. After the incident, users can produce instant reports for legal compliance, debriefs and government reimbursements.

It all boils down to infsafetyormation sharing, and information is power. Here’s how it works:

PREPARATION begins with the personnel roster, where members can manage their own contact information such as medical information, issued gear and personal equipment, training, certifications and expirations. Administrators can also track and manage their team’s equipment and maintenance schedules. Because this data is readily available, incident managers can quickly deploy the right people at the right time.

READINESS is achieved with the day-to-day management of documents and forms, timekeeping, scheduling and tasks. Permission levels control who can see and edit the data.

EXECUTION is initiated with simple drag-and-drop team-building. Incident commanders can easily create missions with pre-set or customized checklists. They can quickly callout members via SMS text, email or voice (or all three simutaneously).

  •  Situational Awareness: Mission Manager enhances situational awareness in the field with real-time communications and tracking, along with robust maps featuring approximately 100 mapping layers.
  • Automated Reporting: Mission Manager’s robust database provides a second-by-second record of every event. This data can be easily exported as ICS/NIMS-compliant reports. Through automation, Mission Manager reduces unnecessary paperwork and bottlenecks with a click of a button.


As a “one-stop shop” integrated system, Mission Manager streamlines the workflow and consolidates functions such as scheduling, timekeeping, callouts, real-time tracking and reporting.

Mission Manager is intuitive, easy to use and highly customizable.

Mission Manager provides a user-defined Common Operational Picture that can be shared with agencies that are providing mutual aid.

Mission Manager can easily scale to thousands of users as needed, including spontaneous volunteers.

Mission Manager features nearly 100 mapping overlays that include topography, weather, natural hazards, locations of hospitals, fire and police departments, as well as social media feeds at points of interest.

Mission Manager, which recently received Homeland Security SAFETY Act Designation, operates securely in the cloud on laptops, smartphones and tablets. It can also be used offline and syncs the data when web connection is restored.

About Mission Manager
Mission Manager provides cloud-based software designed to help save lives and property by enabling first responders to operate more efficiently and effectively. Mission Manager’s team member and asset management capabilities, combined with its calendar and communication functions, allows users to enhance team readiness through optimized training and seamlessly integrate mission-specific operations during real-time events. Since 2011, Mission Manager has supported approximately 7,000 actual missions ranging from single-person rescues to large public events and full-scale natural disaster response. Mission Manager is currently used in all 50 US states, and on every continent except Antarctica. Truly a global tool, Mission Manager is available in 80 languages. 


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