Getting Back to the Basics of Officer Safety with the Help of Incident Management Tools: Learn more at Mission Manager’s Booth at the Louisiana Tactical Training Conference

When responding to a critical incident, law officers today face a myriad of challenges besides the actual threat in progress. In the midst of the chaos – when facing real and immediate danger – they are often burdened with questions including: How will I be perceived by the courts, my supervisors and the media? Is someone filming me with their smartphone? Have I documented all the evidence? Will I be sued?lowres cop

“Police officers need to clear themselves from those concerns because they take away from an effective response,” said Sgt. Don Parker, who retired from the San Diego Sheriff’s Department in 2015 after a distinguished 26-year career.

“Police officers really need to get back to the basics of officer safety. They must deal with the threat as it presents itself, because the most important thing to an officer – or a team of officers – is to go home safely that day. At the same time, their goal is to protect the public and save lives,” added Sgt. Parker, who also serves as Mission Manager’s law enforcement consultant.

While serving as a patrol deputy, training officer and supervisor, Sgt. Parker found three enduring principles to live by:

  1. Mind Set – Never Quit/All In/Team Attitude
  2. Training the RIGHT way – If you train the wrong way, you’ll execute tactics the wrong way
  3. Always be in peak physical condition – Train hard, always push yourself

“When the time comes for your critical incident – all those areas come together,” he said.


Parker noted that those principles also mirror the three facets of Mission Manager:  Preparation, Readiness and Execution. “From the personnel management to the callouts and event documentation, Mission Manager handles all these aspects of an incident, so officers can focus on the job at hand,” he said.

Mission Manager documents, tracks and records all aspects of a mission, eliminating the guess work when it comes to reports needed for legal compliance. Mission Manager also ensures personnel accountability with its automated check in/out features, real-time communications and tracking of troop movement on mission maps.


Sgt. Don Parker, pictured at Miramar Air Show detail in 2014.

“Accountability and professionalism are not only important, they are the right thing to do. Mission Manager affords officers peace of mind so they can operate more effectively when lives are at stake,” he continued.

Louisiana Tactical Law Officers’ Training Conference

Sgt. Parker will conduct demos of the web-based incident management software tool during the Louisiana Tactical Police Officer’s Association (LPTOA) annual training conference and vendor show, which runs May 2-6 in Gonzales, LA. The event is expected to attract tactical officers from 25 agencies throughout Louisiana.

The conference will include a debrief on the Lafayette, LA theater shooting in 2015  – complete with a 3D model presented by members of the Lafayette Police Department. It will also feature a major sniper competition involving nearly 100 LTPOA-emblem-185x185officers from 16 SWAT teams throughout the state.

At Mission Manager’s booth, Sgt. Parker will demonstrate how Mission Manager’s callout capabilities, robust maps and reporting features have assisted agencies ranging from law enforcement, emergency operation centers, and fire and rescue personnel.

During critical incidents, such as active shooter incidents and public uprisings, Mission Manager speeds the response efforts and ensures a Unified Command.  With an up-to-date roster available at all times, administrators can quickly activate their qualified personnel with Mission Manager’s three-way callout system (via SMS text, email and voice).

In the field, Mission Manager also provides a common operating picture on mission maps, and a clear unified command structure. Every event is captured and logged into Mission Manager’s highly secure database – providing a second-by-second account of the incident. The data can be easily downloaded as NIMS ICS reports.

“With all critical incidents, the ability of an officer to be able to think on his feet without having a lot of ancillary issues is key to a safe, rapid response,” said Sgt. Parker. “That’s why Mission Manager is such a valuable tool. It provides a clear picture of the incident, from start to finish, so they don’t have to worry about the aftermath when facing a life-or-death situation.”


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