How would my organization benefit from using Mission Manager?

Mission Manager can help you manage your daily team operations as well as your actual missions. Mission Manager provides a team-based operational environment for day-to-day tasks and also serves as an online command center during real-time incidents. Mission Manager essentially replaces the manual process of managing callouts by pen and paper, and producing reports via spreadsheets.

When used as a daily tool, Mission Manager tracks and manages everything from attendance records, training and missions to issued weapons and equipment. During a crisis, it allows you to track all phases of the event in real time, including team locations, event/radio logs and assignment status. It provides a common operational picture with extensive mapping tools with 106 overlays and generates ICS compliant reports.

How does Mission Manager differ from other incident management systems?

Mission Manager is the only system of its kind that offers both robust team management and real-time incident management at an affordable price.  Mission Manager also takes a team approach to mission readiness. It ensures your member and equipment data is always current so you can deploy mission-ready teams at a moment’s notice.

What is pricing structure based on?

Mission Manager’s pricing structure is based on the number of Active Members in your organization. With this in mind, we have established a “per-active team member” pricing model based on these factors.

The total annual license fee will includes (1) the base fee to cover our costs associated with the actual provision of Mission Manager and (2) a fee for a block of active members. Our users do important work and it is our goal to be as supportive as possible by keeping Mission Manager within access of the broadest possible group.

What is an Active Member?

Members who are not listed as Active, such as those lists as retired, resigned, guests, on leave or inactive, cannot access calendar, tasks, timekeeping, or send a message.

How do I qualify for grant funding?

In order to make Mission Manager available to the broadest possible user base possible, we have established Mission Manager First Responder Grants (“FRG”) that will cover up to 50% of the annual license fee for current or future users who meet the following criteria:

  • 501C(3) organization or similar
  • All volunteer – No paid employees direct or indirect
  • No government funding
  • Community based first responder/SAR/CERT organization or similar

To apply for an FRG, send a request along with a statement confirming that you meet all of the criteria listed above to sales@missionmanager.com, along with the number of Active Team members you have or expect to have over the next 12 months and the price of the subscription for your team.  We will process your request and get back to you with confirmation within three business days.

What is the deadline for existing users to register for Mission Manager?

We hope to transition all current users to registered users by October 15th. No user will simply be dropped.  Users who choose not to register for future use will have their accounts deactivated at that time; however, we will keep those accounts alive for 30 additional days (until November 15th) in a “read-only” status to permit downloading of your data which may be stored in our system.

How do we make payments?

Payments can be made by mailing a check directly to our office. To pay online via a PayPal account, please contact our office. Annual fees may be made in full or spread across four quarterly payments, with the first such payment due upon registration.

Current users who register and pay before August 14, 2015 will receive a 20% discount for the initial year. Those who register after that, but before September 15, 2015 will receive a 10% discount.  Our prices will not be discounted after September 15, 2015.

What are the system requirements for running Mission Manager?

No dedicated hardware is needed, since Mission Manager runs in the cloud. Mission Manager operates on laptops, desktop PCs, tablets or smartphones, including iPhone/iPads and Androids. Mission Manager performs best using Chrome or Firefox browsers.

What happens to my data if the internet connection is interrupted?

Every field completed in Mission Manager is saved in the cloud.  Mission Manager has been moved to new servers at Amazon Web Services (AWS), which deliver a scalable cloud computing platform with high availability and dependability in compliance with security best practices and IT standards.  With this service, users’ data is backed up continuously – second-by-second – enabling point-in-time recovery of data. Each backup is retained at AWS for 35 days.

How do I know my data is secure and confidential?

We are vigilant about our customers’ security and have implemented several measures to prevent unauthorized access. After accessing our site through a secure network, the data is protected by an industry standard 128-bit encrypted SSL / HTTPS secure connection.  Amazon Web Services’ infrastructure is designed and managed according to security best practices as well as a variety of IT security compliance standards.   Mission Manager’s database tables are only available to our software engineers for programming and maintenance purposes. Your team’s information is only available to those on your team who have been granted permissions by your administrator to access the information.

What types of training is available for users?

Mission Manager is user-friendly and highly intuitive, so the best way to train is to use it and experiment with the various features using the HELP link.  More in-depth ways to train include:

How do I obtain technical assistance?

Mission Manager’s dedicated staff is available to provide technical support via the phone at 1-619-457-6120; personal emails at techsupport@missionmanager.com; and the community support forum at Support Community.  We will do our best to address questions within four hours.  The support community forum is always a good place to start, as many issues have already been addressed/resolved by Mission Manager programmers and existing users.

How can I request modifications to sections/pages as an existing users?

Mission Manager is highly flexible as for configuration by any team/team administrator when they initially setup teams and can be further configured and changed during use. If you are unable to make the modifications that you wish, please send a request for assistance to support@missionmanager.com and we will do our best to help you.

Suggestions/requests will be considered/implemented by Mission Manager software engineers if these improve the utility/efficiency of Mission Manager for all users (usually at no cost to any user/customer). However, specific ‘custom changes will have to considered on a case-by-case basis and may require a custom version of Mission Manager.

What type of files can I upload into Mission Manager from my camera or smart phone?

Mission Manager supports .jpeg, .png and .gif files.  If photos for “clues” or “subjects” are sent from your phone or camera, Mission Manager automatically reduces the file size. Photos related to a mission do not impact the amount of storage space that you are considered to be using.

How much storage space do I get?

Each tier of membership receives an allocated amount of storage space based upon our analysis of similarly sized users over the past four years.  Storage space only includes documents stored in the documents tab and does not include photos of members, equipment, or photos of clues associated with a mission.  If the amount of storage space is inadequate, please contact us at info@missionmanager.com and we will do our best to get you additional space.

How do I register a team?

Click on the “Register New Team” button at www.missionmanager.net.  Be sure to use an email address you can readily verify.

Can I import my team members?

Yes – You can import a CSV file into Mission Manager to give you a jumpstart on configuring your new team.

How does Mission Manager send alerts to my team?

Mission Manager can send alerts three different ways: (1) by email (2) by text message to a phone, and (3) by making a phone call and reading or playing a message to your team.

Does Mission Manager keep track of certifications and expirations?

Yes, Mission Manager can keep track of customizable certifications and their expiration dates. Mission Manager can flag administrators as to whether a team member is currently field-deployable based on the expiration dates.

Is Mission Manager configurable for my team’s situation?

Yes, Mission Manager is very customizable. There are a myriad of settings for your Team, for your Members, Mission Types, Subjects, Clues, Equipment, Certifications, Service Animals, Messaging, Logs, etc.

Can I export Mission Manager’s calendar?

Yes – this is a very popular feature. Download your team calendar and take it with you on your smartphone.

How do I change a timekeeping entry?

You can edit timekeeping entries only until a cut-off date set by your team’s administrators. After that date, only administrators could change the entries.

What coordinate system do you use for mapping?

Mission Manager supports 6 different coordinate formats with it’s built in mapping location calculator, Dec Lat/Lon, Deg/Min/Sec Lat/Lon, Deg/Min.mmm Lat/Lon, NSARC, USNG, and UTM

FAQs didn’t solve your problem?

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