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Red Star® Case Study: American Humane Association’s Red Star Animal Rescue Efforts Enhanced with Mission Manager Incident Management Software

From saving injured horses on the bloody battlefields of World War I to rescuing pets and livestock during recent severe weather events, the American Humane Association’s Red Star® Rescue and Emergency Services for Animals has rushed to help injured, abused and neglected animals in need. Today, the Red Star team is able to do a better job than ever in rescuing animals with the assistance of Mission […]

Is Your Agency Prepared for a Mass Shooting? 10 Steps to an Effective Active Shooter Response with Mission Manager Incident Management Software

Although mass shootings are rare occurrences for individual communities, they are sadly a disturbing trend across America. As a result, there has been an increased demand for incident management software tools like Mission Manager, which can help agencies prepare for and respond to these tragic events. Based on the principles of Preparation, Readiness and Execution, […]

A Multifaceted Approach to Active Shooter Preparation and Response: An Interview with Sgt. Don Parker, Based on First-Hand Experience

The complexities involved in an active shooter response are enormous, yet the objective is very simple: “You have to stop the threat – find the source of the problem and stop it – with the goal of not getting killed or shot yourself and ensuring your partners don’t get killed or wounded.” said Sgt. Don […]

Mission Manager Receives Homeland Security SAFETY Act Designation for its Incident Management Software; DT&E Credential Demonstrates Commitment to Providing Highly Secure Software Solutions

Mission Manager, Inc. announced it has earned the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Developmental Testing & Evaluation (DT&E) designation for its incident management software – a cloud-based tool that has helped first responders save lives and property in approximately 7,000 missions since its inception. The DT&E designation was instituted by the DHS to encourage […]

MUST KNOW Snow Safety Tips from the American Red Cross that can Save Your Life during Winter Storm Jonas

As winter storm Jonas smashes the eastern United States, prompting officials to declare states of emergency in five states due to its “life and death” implications,  Mission Manager would like to share these MUST KNOW snow safety tips that could save your life. The tips, available on the American Red Cross website, will help you prepare for and […]

San Diego Officials Address Preparedness and Disaster Recovery Resources in the Wake of Recent El Niño Storms; Two Lifeguards Also Honored for Swift Water Rescue Effort

In the wake of dozens of rescues during recent storms – including 67 water rescues over a five-day period – San Diego officials held a press conference yesterday to help residents better prepare for and recover from El Niño-fueled storms. San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts remarked: “If anyone had somehow missed the warnings, this series of storms should […]

‘Turn Around, Don’t Drown®’ Among the Flood Safety & Preparation Tips Issued in the Wake of Record-Breaking El Niño Storms

With flash flooding and mudslides pounding California this week – thanks to one of the strongest El Niño on record – now is the time to revisit flood preparation and safety tips issued by Ready.gov @ www.ready.gov/floods and FEMA. Below are actions you should take before, during and after a flood: Basic Safety Tips Turn Around, Don’t Drown!® Avoid walking or driving through flood waters. […]

Mission Manager Showcased as “Featured Vendor” in Florida Fire Service Magazine

Mission Manager is pleased to be showcased as the Featured Vendor in the December 2015 issue of Florida Fire Service magazine –  the monthly publication of the Florida Fire Chiefs’ Association. The member-only publication is the official journal of the EMS Section, Florida Association of Emergency Vehicle Technicians, Florida Association of Public Information Officers, Florida Fire Chiefs’ Association, Florida Association […]

With Mass Shootings on the Rise, Law Enforcement Agencies are Updating their Active Shooter Training & Response Tactics Based on Lessons Learned

It’s a grim reality:  In America, there are more mass shootings annually than there are days in the year. The massacre at the San Bernardino Inland Regional Center on Dec. 2 marked the 355th mass shooting this year, a jarring statistic that sent shockwaves throughout the nation. The federal government declared the mass shooting an […]

DHS Resources Available for Active Shooter Preparedness and Response Efforts; Materials to Help Raise Awareness and Strengthen First Response Efforts

With the chilling rise in public mass shootings – exemplified by the devastating incidents in San Bernardino and Paris – the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other government agencies have released a broad range of resources to help first responders enhance active shooter preparedness and response efforts. The materials, which include videos, webinars, free online courses and literature, are […]