2015 CATO Training Venue Attracts 1,000+ Tactical Officers; Mission Manager’s SWAT Incident Command Software Capabilities Demonstrated in Exhibit Hall

More than 1,000 SWAT personnel had the opportunity to preview the latest trends, services and technologies for tactical law officers – including Mission Manager’s incident command software capabilities – at the 2015 California Association of Tactical Officers (CATO) Conference held last week in Anaheim, CA.

The company’s booth staff was pleased to report that its incident management software was a big hit among the attendees, who were impressed by the fact that Mission Manager was an all-encompassing tool for personnel & asset management, callouts, situational awareness and reporting.

Currently, most SWAT teams are using disparate tools to perform various functions, including manual spreadsheets to manage their members,  standard dispatch systems to callout their teams, and pen-and-paper to produce reports.


Demonstration on how Mission Manager can provide situational awareness for SWAT teams, such as the recent riots in Baltimore (Photo by Daniel DiPinto / DiPinto Design)

The staff demonstrated Mission Manager’s capabilities first-hand during its Scavenger Hunt, which drew nearly three dozen participants who vied for valuable prizes including  a one-year subscription to Mission Manager. During the two-day contest, the staff deployed participants to various locations on the show floor, sending clues leading to the location of the prizes.

A big thanks goes out to the CATO organizers and participating vendors, including 5.11, ProforceAdamson Police Products, Frog Lube, American Spartan Apparel, Voodoo Tactical and Safariland. The companies handed out valuable prizes including SWAT apparel, a gun cleaning kit, weapon bi-pod and a tactical backpack.

The contest gave participants an opportunity to visit various vendors while testing Mission Manager’s user-friendly, intuitive features with their own cell phones.

How it Works

With Mission Manager, teams can callout their teams three ways – via SMS text, email and voice. Because all personnel data is kept current by the members’ themselves, including their training and certifications, the incident commander can determine within minutes who is certified and available to participate in the mission.

Using pre-set mission tools that can be easily customized, team leaders can access an instant checklist of all activities needed to support the mission – whether it be an active shooter response, dangerous suspect warrant or large-scale public event.

With real-time tracking capabilities, Mission Manager gives incident commanders a birds-eye view of the mission as it occurs.  In the field, commanders can track all phases of the event in real time on their laptops or mobile devices.

Mission Manager can provide SWAT commanders with situational awareness in the field with robust mapping tools. They can triangulate the location of the mission, the command post and surrounding schools, hospitals, fire stations and police stations as well as weather conditions, terrains and boundaries.

Every activity is captured in the system, including team locations, radio logs and suspect information. After the mission, the data can be quickly exported as NIMS ICS-compliant reports or debriefs – saving agencies significant time and money.

About Mission Manager

Since 2011, Mission Manager has supported approximately 6,000 missions, ranging from tactical operations and large-scale pubic events to single-person rescues and full-scale natural disasters. It has been adopted by agencies in all 50 U.S. states and 20 countries, and is available in 80 languages. Users include law enforcement agencies, search-and-rescue organizations, fire departments and emergency operation centers. Mission Manager is based on three core principles: Preparation, Readiness and Execution. To request a demo, please email sales@missionmanager.com or call 619-457-6119.

About CATO

The California Association of Tactical Officers is a professional organization dedicated to improving tactics and safety through education, peer contacts, and the sharing of tactical information. Membership entitles individuals and tactical teams to participate in CATO training, including the annual conference, at a price that demonstrates quality and value. The organization welcomes current and former members of law enforcement and the military. JOIN CATO TODAY and check out the CATO News Magazine.


CATO Mission Manager staff

Mission Manager’s booth staff display their Scavenger Hunt mascot during the CATO show. Nearly 3 dozen SWAT officers participated in the contest and won valuable prizes from participating vendors.





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